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Saki's Journal
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28th-Jun-2009 09:02 am - MIROTIC BANGKOK

okay so i would type my whole fan account in caps if it wasnt so annoying hahahhaa

OKAY BUT SERIOUSLY. I WAS ABOUT LESS THAN 5 FT AWAY FROM THE STAGE. like we were squished the whole entire time but it was so freaking worth it!

Okay so when the intro came on and I saw there faces it was so weird. I got like freaking goosebumps cause I was so excited. But then LOL it was like an… ocean/underwater theme? And I was like hahahhaa wtf is this but it was still HOT.

the first person that i saw up close was JJ and a;dsjfa;sfa;kdfas;dfjas;difadf the first thought that ran into my mind was DAMN HE IS PRETTY. like seriously. so freaking close he is like a freaking picture. they started out with HEY i think (my memory is awful and already failing me omg!) and adfkja;df the dancing and freaking hip thrusting? yeah. dead.and they performed like 3 fast songs in a row and duuuude thai fans are instense when it comes to fan chanting!! it was so cute how we all knew the lyrics but where singing with a huge accent hahaha. it made JaeMin smile a couple times! i was on the right of the stage and su was always on the left but oh well! (sorry my thoguhts are like jumbled im typing everything that is popping into my head XD)

Sooo lets see the first thing that pops up in my mind is chunnie’s solo ;sjfa;sidfjas;dfa;sofa;dfkajdf HE GAVE OUT FLOWERS! I WAS STANDING 2 PEOPLE AWAY FROM THE GIRL WHO GOT IT A;JDSFAKS;FJA -DIES- he was so freaking hot!! Andd the way he say Bye Love Bye a;jdk;fadf and he started speaking engrish a;sdfja;skfa;dsfkjadf
MIN MOLESTING OH GOD YEAH. THERE WAS MIN MOLESTING. During Hug during min’s part there was so much molesting!! And so much HoMin hahahhaha Yun was doing something to Min and then Minnie was all like trying to hit him Hashanah it was so cute!

JJ IS THE PRETTIEST THING TO STEP ON THIS EARTH OMFG. Up close he really is just like a freaking picture. And LOL at the fans cause every time he like brushed his hair from his face they would scream their heads off. OMG! AND WHEN THEY WERE JUST STANDING THERE HE LOOKED AT OUR SECTIONA AND LICKED HIS LIPS! And all the girls (including me) screamed like it was the greatest thing ever.

h;jfakjsfjakf Min had two solos!!! It was so cute seeing him singing while the members were flying around in the air. And su did broom tricks!! Hahahahahaha and omg the baby pictures!! That was so cute!! I thought that was so creative too lol. (I hope you know what im talking about?? Guuh sorry I am so incoherent IF YOU READ THIS ALL YOU DESERVE MAJOR HUGS <3)

CHECKMATE was the freaking hottest thing. EVER. But that girl made me want to throw something at her face. ;isjdas;d.fashdfkasdjf it took me forever to realize that he wasn’t actually kissing her though hahaha. And there was like a hard core yunho fan next to me and she was abut to throw her lightstick on stage lmfao!

OKAY ENOUGH I SAVED THE BEST FOR FUCKING LAST. JUNSU. JUNSU JUNSU JUNSU OH JUNSU. UM WHAT TO SAY OH MY GOD. He walked past us so many times and I swear my heart stopped beating when he looked at us. XIAHTIC. WAS THE HOTTEST THING EVER. And I was in between the middle and front stage, so when they moved to the middle stage all we saw was the backs of them right? XDDD so the whole time Su was dancing on the middle stage I was staring at his butt XD (CAUSE IT WAS THE BIGGEST THING TO LOOK AT)A ;OIAJKFJA;LSFKJDF and OMG WHEN YOOCHUN CAME OUT. I swear the YooSu fan girl in me had a heart attack and went to yoosu heaven. BECAUSE IT WAS SO FREAKING HOT. THEY WERE DANCING TOGETHER UGH <33333 omg what else hahhaha sorry most of my memories are about su XD OH YEAH! So you know how during wrong number they pull out guns?? WELL SU LIKE COULDN’T FIND HIS IN HIS POCKET LOL. It was the cutest thing ever! He looked so confused and it was just a Susu moment XDDDD I think I died because of him like 30000000 times that night.

oh and btw. i was doing solid until Love in the ice. i cried like a freaking baby. just because that song is amazing, junsu has the voice on an angel, and it was just so <3 *_*

Wow okay you have probably heard enough of me spazzing… XD
I’ll tell you about the other stuff?

Went to the press con and like we were there at noon and started standing up waiting at 4, and they came at 7.… and only were on stage for like 20 mins -.-;;; BUT IT WAS SO WORTH IT!! They learned new thai hahha I took a fan cam (will upload later? Oh and ps I don’t have any of the concert though because I failed at trying to sneak my camera in T___T) but anyways yeah so Yoochun learned how to say “don’t wear short skirts” and su learned how to say “beware of boys” hahahha it was so funny and cute

Wow okay that was a lot, seriously, kudos if you read this all hahhahahhahha

AND i spent well over 100 dollars on merch lmfao. like almost 200. wtf. XD

oh yeah. and so now onto a serious note.
i was in the car today on the way back home and i was flipping through con pictures. and all of a sudden i was crying? my mom was like umm... but then i realized it was because of happy tears? iono it was weird. like i didn't realize right after the con (probably cause of post excitemnt high or something) but like iono. it just hit me that i saw them live and it made me so happy. guh i am seriously so happy i could freaking die

25th-Dec-2007 11:48 pm - Christmas
So yeah. I spent christmas in the mountains with Alisa at her house. It was pretty fuuuun. We went sledding haha. That was so intense.

I love spending time with her, she's so cute xDD

Uuuh so i got socks and a death note dvd :)

And its dbsk's 4th year anniversary in korea right now... and soon to be in america! im writing a different entry for them though.

Merry Christmas dears~ <3
15th-Dec-2007 10:19 am(no subject)

I goooot my "All About TVXQ" in the mail just YESTERDAY!

Hooooooly fuck its the most beautiful thing that I have ever seen. 5 DVDS FULL OF DBSK <3
I havent even watched it yet... BUT I WILL. HOLY CRAP I CANT WAIT.

SOooo yesterday Hana spent the night and we were Gs and Jonasy and we recorded videos. It was awsome

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